Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Service Suggestions DAY THREE


It's often said that those in authority will hear ten negative comments to ever positive one. From various positions of authority I've held over the years, I'd say the ratio is a bit farther apart. And while many people are encouraging, there are times where it seems all you hear is bad news, bad attitudes, and bad feedback. So for all those out there who are serving you by leading, consider ministering to them as God leads. Here are some great ideas to stimulate your thinking...

For Those with Limited Time: How about saying "thank you" more often? Thank the Cub Scout leader for his time. Thank your boss for listening to you when you need to unload your frustrations. Thank your exercise coach or your fitness instructor. Anyone who tells you what to do would probably like to hear the words "thank you, I appreciate you." It's such a simple thing to do, but often overlooked when we get busy. We start to think we are entitled and they are doing their job anyway, so what's the big deal? These opportunities to show appreciation for leadership well done are all around you.

For Those with Children at Home: Here's a simple one for those with children. Write a note inside a nice greeting card thanking your child's Sunday School Teacher, Scout Leader, or Athletic Coach for the time they spend investing your child's life. Have the child color on the envelope or write their own letter. Then make a batch of cookies or pick up some goodies from the bakery to include with the letter. Have the child give them to their teacher or coach. It will be a welcome encouragement and a quick way to serve others with appreciation for how well they serve you!

For Those with More Time: Think about all the Leaders that have helped shape you. There may be teachers from elementary school or junior church or you may remember your high school cheerleading coach or a professor at college. Maybe it's the pastor of the church you grew up in or a friend's mom who spent time helping you mature into a responsible adult. Take some time and write them a letter explaining how you are a better person because of them. Tell them some specific examples of how they impacted you and what you learned from them. This may take some time to do, but is well worth it. It will make you feel as joyful as they will when they receive it!

Once again, these are just creative ideas to start your thinking. Add your own suggestions into the comments or tell us your experiences thanking those in authority.


Anonymous Leslie said...


I find it so ironic some of these suggestions that you are giving--they are great. With Father's Day not being too far behind us now, I had taken the time then to write a letter to my mentor (spiritual father)to thank him for the time he invested in me and how today I'm seeing the impact from following God's leading and using a lot of the advice given by my mentor. Then after returning from Canada, I rec'd a thank you call from him telling me how much he appreciated the note.

Keep up the good work :-)

7:51 AM  
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