Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Tunes

I have been listening to some new music over the past few months and thought I'd share. I am going to set up an account and put music lists on my blog just like I do the book lists, but probably won't get to it until later this summer. So for now, here's what I've been listening to.

Aaron Shust Anything Worth Saying
Anna Laura Anna Laura
Jinny Kim Finding Ophelia
Phil Wickham Phil Wickham
Vicky Beeching Yesterday, Today and Forever
Starfield Beauty in the Broken
Martha Munizzi No Limits Live

The Jinny Kim has some great lyrics and is far different from anything I would usually purchase. Thanks to Infuze Magazine for the glowing review. I am glad I checked it out.

I also love the Aaron Shust cd but I've listened to it over and over for a week straight and that was a bit overkill.

Vicky Beeching is my current favorite and have enjoyed her lyrics as well as music. It's a worship album that doesn't rely too heavily on cliches and is mostly upbeat and happy.

New releases coming later this summer and fall that I'm looking forward to: Tammy Trent, Sarah Kelly, Leigh Nash and Mark Schultz.

On the popular music scene I took a listen to the new Goo Goo Dolls cd and wasn't too impressed. It wasn't horrible and had a few songs I liked, but nothing worth celebrating. I have the soundtrack from Cars on hold at the library but I'm sure it will be a bit too country overall for me to consider purchasing.

I also heard the new Mercy Me album and while there were a few songs I loved, overall the album wasn't a keeper. I won't be purchasing it anytime soon, if at all.


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