Monday, July 17, 2006

How to Be A Good Passenger

During my few hours aboard the bus to New York City this past Saturday, I learned a few new ways to avoid being a bad neighbor on the bus. For those who wish to learn, remember the following:

- If you are bringing hot food along that smells good, bring enough for everyone. The group of ladies behind me on the bus brought a cooler full of hot breakfast along. They were passing out quiche, hot sandwiches, hash browns, etc. The smell was all over the bus and those of us eating Power Bars and dry granola weren't happy about it!

- If you must talk on the phone the entire trip, please do it at a decibel level somewhere below jet engine. Most people who know me well are aware that I think about 90 percent of cell phone use is unnecessary, but I'm willing to concede our culture is moving toward higher use at a fast rate. (Although why we should bow to following our culture is a rant for another time.) So at the very least if Junior can't manage to put milk in his cereal without you talking him through it, could you please talk to him in a normal speaking voice? Those of us without hearing problems would appreciate it. I had my ipod turned up so high to drown out the conversations I might just have hearing loss now!

- If you spill your beverage all over the floor and can't be bothered to clean it up, could you at least let the people around you know that a sticky liquid is headed to their bags/purses sitting on the floor? I can understand how in the age of "entitlement" we now live in it is highly rude of me to expect you to clean up your own mess. But I still fail to see why I should carry around a wet and sticky bag because of your entitlement. Thank you.

If you can just follow those simple requests, we'll all be much happier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart...


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