Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cool Blogs

I have been working on a list of blogs I like to visit. I am going to update my blog listing on the right hand side of this page. Does anyone have any great blog sites they like to visit? If so, comment on them and I'll check them out.

Today I am adding the FaithChicks blog to the bloglist. This blog has numerous Christian Fiction writers who post entries on their latest books, the life of a writer and everyday life. Some of the posts are funny while others are serious or informational. I check it out every few days to read through the entries that interest me.

For a sample of what you might find on the site, here's a quote from Sharon Dunn's blog entry on the power of storytelling...

"I think the last weeks of debate over The Da Vinci Code have been a true duh moment for Christians. Why are we getting worked up into a lather over a story. Why this rush to defend our beliefs over characters and a plot line? It could only mean one thing. Stories are important and they do have power: the power to change a heart, shape a culture and pass on values from one generation to the next.

"Yet within the Christian community there is often a bias against fiction. Often people say that they only want to read stories that are "true." Hmmm something doesn't fit here. The Christian community has produced a plethora (I knew I would get a chance to use that word) of books explaining why the Da Vinci Code is inaccurate. But if is just a story, why the big rush to defend our beliefs against it?

"The problem is that because we have dismissed the power of story, we end up playing defense too often. And then you get something like this frenzy surrounding Da Vinci. It makes us look reactionary and a little bit hyper and silly. We need to quit playing defense and start playing offense. If we influence the culture through story, there would be no need to get so worked up into a lather over something like Da Vinci. Stuff like Da Vinci would be quickly dismissed, because our truth transmitted through story would already be entrenched in the culture.

With almost all issues that we care about abortion, homosexuality, saving sex for marriage, the facts and stats back us up. But people are bored by facts and stats. They are excited by characters that they relate to emotionally. What we need here is not this constant playing defense, but we need a bridge between the holders of the facts and the tellers of the stories. Wooden characters reciting statistics won't fly. We need people entrenched in truth who can also tell a ripping good yarn. And we need to get over this thinking that only nonfiction is "true" and of value."

I liked those comments a lot and was happy to hear someone else defending the importance of a good story. So check out Faithchicks for more interesting blog entries and keep checking my links section for more great blogs.


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