Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Movie Review - Walk The Line

One Sentence Summary: A well-acted account of the life and love of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.

My Thoughts: Watch this movie for Reese Witherspoon if for no other reason. She is amazing and does a powerful job in this role. The Oscar she won was for good reason.

Joaquin Phoenix also did a great job as Johnny Cash, especially with his voice and singing. I thought they both did well at the singing as was impressed with how natural they appeared while singing. I had heard that Reese Witherspoon hadn't wanted to do the singing herself, but she did well in my opinion.

The story was interesting and very gripping in places and it moved quickly through some periods of time. It was really a character drama and seemed to steer clear of the usual music-star biopic territory which made it seem fresh and interesting.

One thing that stood out to me while I was watching it was how her family did more to help him than his own did. His own parents seemed to want him to fail and wanted him unhappy. But her family came through for him in a way no one else did. I look at his life a child and then when he became famous and I thought that no one protected him, or looked after him. He was lonely on the road and unhappy at times and his family only put more pressure on him. It wasn't until June and her parents showed up and wouldn't leave that someone was really there for him.

I also liked the fact that he loved music as a child. Often it's easy to think that a child's likes and dislikes will change and many times they do. But some things are just ingrained in who a person is and they never change. Their passions for art, music, etc. will define who they become. Others never seem to know what they want to do with their lives. It's kinda funny when you think about it. What makes some people have such strong desires to become a certain thing or type of person?

Anyway, this movie is excellent and I recommend you watch it if you get a chance. Even if you're not a country music fan or a Johnny Cash fan you'll enjoy this movie.


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