Sunday, April 09, 2006

Movie Review - The Constant Gardener

One sentance summary: A Britist diplomat searches for answers after the death of his wife in Africa.

My thoughts: This was a good movie, but will require a second watching to get all the nuances of the script. The jumping around in the time-line is at times hard to follow and the subject matter is confusing at times. But the story was compelling and the suspense was well-done. I think the principles (Ralph Fiennes and Rachael Weiss) are awesome actors and they did a great job with a very wordy, intelligent script. The mystery is reasonably easy to figure out and we know pretty early on what is going on. What we don't know is who is ultimately calling the shots in the sitatution and who is responsble for ordering the woman's death.

One bone I'd like to pick with the marketers of this movie - she was not pregnant when she was killed. They gave that impression when they promoted this movie when it was in theaters. "When a diplomat's pregnant wife is killed..." started a good many reviews and promotional previews. That is misleading and is not true. I'd also warn you not to attemp making dinner, sewing or talking on the phone while this movie is on. You'll never figure out who the good guys and who the bad guys are without paying close attention as the movie goes on.

I'd have felt a bit more like giving a more "great" instead of "good" review if it had ended better. A somewhat unsatisfying ending that doesn't really show if the bad guys got their just punishment wasn't good enought to make it a "great" movie. But if you like intelligent suspense movies, this one is a good one and the principle actors are worth the rental price in any movie they appear in.


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