Sunday, April 09, 2006

30 Days of Quiet Time - April 9, 2006

Matthew 12:1-45

This parable focuses on the Pharisees and boy, were they a bunch. Legalistic doesn't begin to describe them. I often think of the "Dementors" from the Harry Potter books when I read about the Pharisess as I think they are similar in many ways - sucking joy and life from everything. The minute the Pharisees show up, somebody is going to hear what they are doing wrong! And of course in our story, it was almost always Jesus.

These people were evil on the inside and pious on the outside. The sad thing was that the way they treated people meant that they were very little good for anyone. They might have had a respection position - but they were't people deserving of that respect.

Jesus also cautions us in this passage that our fruit will mark us to the world. We will be known by what we reproduce.


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