Friday, April 07, 2006

30 Days of Quiet Time - April 7, 2006

Matthew 5:1-7:29

Salt & Light - This is one of those things that we hear in church all the time. But I wonder how much we really think about what that means. I'm going to list what salt and light does for the world and we can take away what we need to do for the world. And I'm sure I'll miss something so feel free to add your thoughts in the comments. (Side note, The lead singer of Jars of Clay has the Chinese symbols for "salt" and "light" tattooed on his arm. Just some free information for ya, there.)

Salt: salt adds flavor, salt preserves things, salt wakes up the senses, salt is necessary for our health. (This is true, with all the fuss we hear about cutting back on salt intake, we don't hear the truth that it is important to have some salt in our diet. I've read articles about insomniacs curing their sleep problems by adding some salt back into their diet.)

Lesson: As Christians, we should add flavor to life, preserve the things that matter, wake up the world to a better life and remember we are necessary to the world.

I think that we are failing miserably at adding flavor to the world. In fact, I'm guessing many people would say the Christians they know are excellent at taking away everything fun and flavorful. We often appear to be against everything. What can we do to change into a people who add flavor to life?

Light: gives direction, dispels the darkness, illuminates flaws (shine some light on the problem!)

Lesson from Light: As Christians, we should give direction, bring people out of darkness and point out things that need fixing.

How are we doing on these?


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