Wednesday, April 05, 2006

30 Days of Quiet Time - April 5, 2006

Luke 5:1-11; 6:12-16 and John 1:35-51

The first thing I noticed in this passage was something I never picked up on before until a few weeks ago when I read it. When Jesus caused the miraculous catch of fish, the disciples left it all on shore! Luke tells us they left it all and followed him.

One thing that always bugged me about that passage was the fact that Peter called Jesus "Master." It seems a position of respect that Jesus hadn't seemed to earn yet, in their eyes. He appeared a simple man, a son of a carpenter. It wasn't like he looked powerful or wealthy. Yet Peter called him "Master." I think the answer to that might be in the John passage. That passage talks about Andrew meeting Jesus and bringing his brother along to meet him. The passage in John doesn't say that Peter followed Jesus at that time and became a disciple. It appears to me that Peter met Jesus and then went back to his job. Then when Jesus met with him, James and John along the beach and they caught the large catch of fish, Peter was familiar with him and knew from Andrew that he was someone special. I could be reading too much into it, but it makes sense to me and explains a question I have always wondered about.

I also noticed that Nathaniel seemed somewhat skeptical at first. I like that Jesus was ready for that. One of the things about Jesus that always comforts me is how he seems to treat each person with the care they need. Some need proof, some need affection and compassion, and some need "tell it like it is" talk. He interacts with each person in the manner that reaches them. I wish I had more of that talent! I've also often wondered what Nathaniel was doing under the fig tree. Jesus said that he saw him there and Nathaniel doesn't go into anything else about it, but I wondered what was going on there that Jesus called him honest because he saw him under the fig tree. I put that down on my list of things to research at a later time.

Lastly, I like how Jesus spent the night before selecting his disciples in prayer. What a lesson that should be to us. Before we have to make difficult or life-changing decision we should spend much time getting God's wisdom and blessing before we proceed.


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