Friday, April 28, 2006

30 Days of Quiet Time - April 28, 2006

John 19:17-42

I have read that the Romans would crucify prisoners along the road into Jerusalem. They would leave them out there, hanging on the crosses so that people would see the example and not attempt any insurrection against the Roman government.

I'm not sure how accurate that is, or how long they left t he prisoners there, but I thought of that as I read the passage with Joseph of Arimathea claiming the body of Jesus. I wonder if they just left Jesus there as the crowd dispersed. Did Joseph have to take the cross down? Did they have to pull the nails out themselves?

John tells us that he did this with Nicodemus. Just the two of them. I imagine it to be a solemn process that must have grieved these men greatly. We have no record in this passage of the disciples or the women being nearby. They are only ones mentioned, these two followers of Jesus. I wonder if his disciples or family had been forbidden to take the body. John had expressly told us that Joseph had not disclosed his allegiance to Jesus. And Nicodemus was someone of great power and influence which was why he sought out Jesus at night. Maybe these men were the only ones allowed to take care the body.

That brings me to wonder what Jesus thought as he talked to Nicodemus back in the beginning of the gospels. I wonder if he thought about the next time they'd meet and the task Nicodemus would take on.


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