Thursday, April 27, 2006

30 Days of Quiet Time - April 27, 2006

John 18:19-19:16

The conversation between Jesus and Pilate in this passage floors me everytime I read it. There were several scenes in "The Passion of the Christ" that jumped at me and this scene between these men was one of them. When Pilate asks "What is truth?" I see a weary man, who has no idea of what to think about anything anymore.

When Solomon writes that there is nothing new under the sun he wasn't kidding. Even the enlightened ways of thinking we boast about aren't really new. Our nation has been swallowed whole by the idea that truth is relative, that there is nothing absolute, that my truth can be different than yours. It seems that that idea was rampant at that time too. Pilate questions what the truth really is as if there are different truths out there that contradict each other.

This way of thinking in our world today has always been a bit difficult for me to swallow. If we look so much to the logical workings of science and technology how can we think that there are no absolutes? How can we believer for a moment that two opposite thoughts can both be true? Are we so desperate to belive that we control the world and not God that we jump on any bandwagon that supports our desires? There's some pretty wacky things out there, but the belief that there's no truth in the world is really far out there, in my humber opinion, dear reader.


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