Monday, April 24, 2006

30 Days of Quiet Time - April 24. 2006

Matthew 26:17-30 and John 13:1-17

I have a somewhat irreverent sense of humor at times. I've tried to stifle it at times, but that never works for long. I say that because my thoughts as I read the passages on the last supper aren't quiet traditional.

When I read about the last supper of Jesus, my mind instantly goes to Agatha Christie. I am a huge murder mystery fan and love who-dunnit type novels. I read my way through many of the Christie's Hercule Poiroit and Miss Marple books during the summer breaks from college. If you're familiar with these, many of them end with the detective calling everyone into the drawing room and then he utters the words..."one of you is a murderer and I know who it is!" Then the lights would plunge out or everyone would start screaming or something else quite dramatic.

I loved those parts because it was fun to see people squirm as the detective uncovered their role in the evil deeds. It was also fun to see if I was right when I picked the butler or the lady's maid or whomever I thought did it earlier on.

That's why I think of this when I read the account of the last supper. Jesus gets the disciples into an intimate setting, washes their feet and feeds them with all sorts of good food, I'm sure. Then he says, "One of you is going to sell me up the river and I know how it is..." I imagine they all start looking around. I'm wondering how Judas managed to sit still and not look guilty. It seems like the exact plot of a good mystery.

Of course we know who the traitor was, but they didn't. Were there subtle signs along the way? I love to rewatch movies with surprise endings. I like to watch it again and see the subtle clues I missed. Do you think the disciples thought about that later? I bet they wondered if they could have seen his deceit before he acted so heinously.


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