Saturday, April 22, 2006

30 Days of Quiet Time - April 22, 2006

John 11:1-44

I studied this passage in depth when I wrote the curriculum for the Life Management class. There are so many applications in this passage, I'd need several days to blog it all. I'm just going to go with a few observations:

When we establish our priorities, not everyone will agree with them. The people didn't understand why Jesus hesitated and Lazarus died. I think the Bible is showing us clearly that Jesus priority was not the life of physical life of Lazarus, but the spiritual life of those who saw this miracle. His purpose was to draw people to His message and that could be communicated far clearer through Lazarus'' resurrection than from his recovery. I think it bears a mention that when God is doing something in our lives we might not understand. And when we make choices that we feel God is leading us to, not everyone around us might understand. Our bottom line should always be to ask "is this where God is leading?" and respond accordingly.

Secondly, Jesus never strayed from what he was there for. I imagine the thought of Lazarus' death and Mary and Martha's suffering were difficult for Him to face. They were friends, He cared deeply for them. But he wasn't there to ease their pain; He was there to change their lives. And that purpose remained in the forefront of His mind and His actions never wavered.


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