Thursday, April 20, 2006

30 Days of Quiet Time - April 20, 2006

Luke 10:25-11:13

There is so much in this passage, I'm not sure where to start.

THE PARABLE OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN - The notes in my study Bible compare this good Samaritian and his deeds to someone taking an active role against racism. Being that the Jews and Samaritans did not get along, this man's generosity was gracious. The question my Bible asks is, "How can I take an active stand again racism?" I think the answer to that one is found in this passage - treat people with kindness, one person at a time. This Samaritan didn't need to make speaches, change the law or reach out to groups or organizations. He just saw a need to one man and jumped in. That's where the battle for community begins - one deed, one person at a time.

THE STORY OF MARY AND MARTHA - I love this story and much has been writtend and spoken about it. The thing I always take away is the reminder to ask myself, "what is the most important thing?" I think of this quite a bit in talking to busy mom's who want to get involved in ministries and opportunities but have children to care for that take up much of their time. I encourage them to ask "what is the most important thing?" and do it. Much of the time, when the children are young, they are the most important thing. But when they've been cooped up with only the children for days and weeks of illness or haven't had a moment of time alone for months then the "most important thing" could mean an afternoon out with friends or joining a local book club or scrapbook group to get some adult conversation. The important thing to remember is that the answer to that question should come from God, not from a church leader, your sister or best friend. God alone knows your heart and your situation and He will help you determine "the most important thing" for right now.

HOW TO PRAY - This passage is often interpreted in a way that bothers me. The story of the man who goes to a friends door and asks for help is often interpreted to say that if we keep asking God, He'll give in to us to shut us up. That is so wrong. Once again, that puts the power in our hands - we can change His mind if we are bold and annoying. The passage goes on to say that if that works for friends HOW MUCH MORE will God hear our prayers when we come to Him with our requests. Since He is our loving father He will gladly hear us and answer us. It isn't an issue or persistance, it's an issue of bringing it to a loving father who longs to hear our concerns and prayers.


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