Friday, April 14, 2006

30 Days of Quiet Time - April 14, 2006

Matthew 16:13-17:13

In this passage we see Jesus acting as a leader. Whole volumes have been written about Jesus' leadership style and no where is it more evident than it is in this passage. Here is how He modeled leadership:

DRAW ASIDE PEOPLE TO LEAD the information He shared with the disciples was for their ears only. His true identity they were to keep to themselves at this time. The transfigured wasn't for everyone to see. He pulled aside those from the crowd who were ready to take things to a higher level and He spent the majority of His time with them.

COMMUNICATE WELL He told the disciples what was coming. Even though they didn't understand Him much of the time, they would remember His words later and things would be clearer to them. He was giving them all they'd need to carry on His absence as one day they'd be called to do so.

SHARE THE VISION He gave them a clear vision of what was coming. He gave them in stories, talks and object lessons a clear view of all that would happen in the days to come. As things played out in the weeks and months ahead, they would be prepared for the events that would shake the world. While they didn't always get what He was trying to say, He passed along His vision for the future.

ENCOURAGE THEM The transfiguration was a time of great excitement and awe. This was a time away from their normal experiences that allowed them to see things beyond the everyday. The encouragement that comes from stepping away from the mundane into the awesome is necessary and needful in the life of those we lead. They need to glimpse something beyond themselves to keep the work going strong and their spirits encouraged.

GET THEIR INPUT Jesus frequently used questions to make His disciples part of the process. I find it interesting that they would never change His plans, but nonetheless were a part of the "talking-it-out" process. Jesus had a plan to follow and none of them were going to alter it, but giving them a chance to dialog allowed them to become a part of the work and helped them see how they fit into the process.


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