Thursday, April 13, 2006

30 Days of Quiet Time - April 13, 2006

John 6:1-15

When I read this passage my mind veered off into odd territory because I kinda felt that Andrew was being a bit sarcastic here. I KNOW I am reading a lot into this passage, but it just struck me as funny. Here Jesus is, trying to get away from the crowd and they follow him in droves. His disciples are sitting around and Jesus begins to discuss the logistics of feeding this great crowd. Then along comes a little boy with his sack lunch. I imagine him sitting down where the disciples can see him and opening his pack to take out whatever his mom had packed that morning. Then Andrew sees the meal and says something like, "Well, there's a kid with a happy meal, but that's not gonna get us far, is it?"

Yes, I know it didn't go down just like that, but that's what I thought of. Anyone who's ever had a happy meal from McDonalds knows that while that may actually be the correct serving size for an adult grease-laden meal, there are never enough fries in that tiny box to satisfy. So since loaves and fishes don't exactly sound exciting to me, I can imagine Jesus passing out cheeseburgers and french fries from the happy meal box that never runs out. Talk about exciting!

On a more serious note, I often read this story and wonder what happened to that little boy. Did his mom think he was lying when he went home and told the story? Did he run off to play, not realizing what had happened? Were his parents with him? If so, why didn't they have a lunch to share? And if they brought lunches, why were they the only ones? Ahhhh!!! The questions never end.


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