Monday, April 10, 2006

30 Days of Quiet Time - April 10, 2006

Matthew 13:1-52

The parable of the seed and the different types of ground is one I remember hearing in Sunday School as a child. I can even remember the flanelgraph that my teacher used. I can still see the coffee stain at the top of the flannel board. Why there was a coffee stain there I have no idea.

To be honest, as I read this passage no big ideas came to mind other than the rememberences of Sunday School and Junior Church. Parables were a big part of the Bible lessons I learned as a child. One of my Junior church teachers used to make us act them out in certain ways as he'd tell the story. When the woman was looking for her lost coin we all had to turn our pockets inside out and look under our chair. When we learned the story of the seed and the hard ground we had to pretent to plant a garden and care for it by pretend watering it and pretend harvesting the crop.

He also made us do other goofy things like dip down in the river seven times like Naaman did in II Kings and hold each other's arms up during the whole lesson like Aaron did for Moses. The more I think about it, his teaching method was something similar to Jesus' as He taught the parables. Give them something easy and fun to understand. Stories are more fun that preaching and you're more likely to remember. And to my Junior church teacher, acting better than just hearing because it's more fun and we're more likely to remember. And apparently, he was right!


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