Thursday, March 30, 2006

Flourish Cafe Opens Tomorrow!

The Flourish Cafe opens for business tomorrow at 7:00pm. I hope to see all my posse out for the evening to enjoy the music and the chocolate!

Here's the set list of songs I'm singing:

Standing Still
One and Only
So Happy
Hold the Intangible
To Fly
The Wonder Years Medly
Taylor, the Latte Boy
Inside Out
Get Together
Never My Love

Plus I'll be playing tunes by Michael McDonald, Michael Buble,John Tesh, Ben Glover, Michelle Tumes, Gloria Estefan, Sting, The Monkees, Dave Koz, Clay Aiken, Rick Astley and the Katina's. Is that an eclectic mix or what??

You'll have to drop by to see how I plan on pulling it off.

I love doing these cafes. First of all, I adore coffee. Secondly, I like to entertain. Thirdly, I love coffee shops. It's my dream career to own a coffee shop/book store. My two favorite things together on one place!


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