Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Captivating, Chapter Five

Chapter five was a difficult chapter to read and an even more difficult chapter to work through the questions in the workbook. It took me several hours last night to do it, and if you looked at my workbook you'd think I didn't do anything. I answered the questions very vaguely because there's too much I'm afraid to write down. It's almost like if I write it down, it makes it more real or something. I'm going to go back to chapter five again later and rethink my answers.

I only have one quote to post about this chapter, but it's a long one, nearly a full page in the book.

"Put those two things together - that Eve incarnates the Beauty of God and she gives life to the world. Satan's bitter heart cannot bear it. He assults her with a special hatred. History removes any doubt about this. Do you begin to see it?
"Think of the great stories - in nearly all of them, the villain goes after the Hero's true love. He turns his sights on the beauty. Magua goes after Cora in Braveheart. Commodus goes after Maximus's wife in Gladiator. The Witch attacks Sleeping Beauty. The stepsisters assult Cinderella. Satan goes after Eve.
"This explains an awful lot. It is not meant to scare you. Actually, it will shed so much light on your life's story, it you will let it. Most of you thought the things that have happened to you were somehow your fault- that you deserved it. If only you have been prettier or smarter or done more or pleased them, somehow it wouldn't have happened. You would have been loved. They woudln't have hurt you.
"And most of you are living with the guilt somehow it's your fault you aren't more deeply pursued now. That you do not have an essential role in a great adventure. That you have no beauty to unveil. The message of our wounds nearly always is, 'This is because of you. This is what you deserve.' It changes things to realize that, no, it is because you are glorious that these things happened. It is because you are a major threat to the kingdom of darkness. Because you uniquely carry the glory or God to the world.
"You are hated because of your beauty and power."


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