Thursday, March 30, 2006

Flourish Cafe Opens Tomorrow!

The Flourish Cafe opens for business tomorrow at 7:00pm. I hope to see all my posse out for the evening to enjoy the music and the chocolate!

Here's the set list of songs I'm singing:

Standing Still
One and Only
So Happy
Hold the Intangible
To Fly
The Wonder Years Medly
Taylor, the Latte Boy
Inside Out
Get Together
Never My Love

Plus I'll be playing tunes by Michael McDonald, Michael Buble,John Tesh, Ben Glover, Michelle Tumes, Gloria Estefan, Sting, The Monkees, Dave Koz, Clay Aiken, Rick Astley and the Katina's. Is that an eclectic mix or what??

You'll have to drop by to see how I plan on pulling it off.

I love doing these cafes. First of all, I adore coffee. Secondly, I like to entertain. Thirdly, I love coffee shops. It's my dream career to own a coffee shop/book store. My two favorite things together on one place!

Today's Useful Link

Maybe it's just the preparation I've been doing for the Flourish Cafe tomorrow, but I have Karaoke on the brain. The next time you throw a party and want to have fun with Karoake, but down own a Karaoke player, try this site.

It offers a list of sings that are set up in Karaoke Files. The words will show up on the screen as the music plays just like a real Karaoke player. You'll need quicktime installed on your machine, but that's a free download if you don't have it. Give the online Karaoke a try and party on!

Online Karaoke

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Today's Useful Link

Not sure what to cook for dinner? Today's link will help you. You just check each item that you currently have in your fridge and pantry and click the "find recipes" key. It will generate recipes that use ingredients you have on hand. This is especially useful the last day or two before grocery day! Go forth and cook...

Cooking by Numbers

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Today's Useful Link

Today's website is called "God's Yellow Pages" and is a great resource when you need some encouragement or motivation. The site is divided into three vertical sections. One section lists verses for "When you feel..." and then offers verses for when you feel afraid, lonely, tempted, etc. One section offers a list of Christian virtues and their passages of Scripture. The last section lists passages that teach about life's problems. All of the verses are hyperlinks. When you click on them, it takes you to the verse at and you can read the verse online if you choose.

God's Yellow Pages

Captivating, Chapter Five

Chapter five was a difficult chapter to read and an even more difficult chapter to work through the questions in the workbook. It took me several hours last night to do it, and if you looked at my workbook you'd think I didn't do anything. I answered the questions very vaguely because there's too much I'm afraid to write down. It's almost like if I write it down, it makes it more real or something. I'm going to go back to chapter five again later and rethink my answers.

I only have one quote to post about this chapter, but it's a long one, nearly a full page in the book.

"Put those two things together - that Eve incarnates the Beauty of God and she gives life to the world. Satan's bitter heart cannot bear it. He assults her with a special hatred. History removes any doubt about this. Do you begin to see it?
"Think of the great stories - in nearly all of them, the villain goes after the Hero's true love. He turns his sights on the beauty. Magua goes after Cora in Braveheart. Commodus goes after Maximus's wife in Gladiator. The Witch attacks Sleeping Beauty. The stepsisters assult Cinderella. Satan goes after Eve.
"This explains an awful lot. It is not meant to scare you. Actually, it will shed so much light on your life's story, it you will let it. Most of you thought the things that have happened to you were somehow your fault- that you deserved it. If only you have been prettier or smarter or done more or pleased them, somehow it wouldn't have happened. You would have been loved. They woudln't have hurt you.
"And most of you are living with the guilt somehow it's your fault you aren't more deeply pursued now. That you do not have an essential role in a great adventure. That you have no beauty to unveil. The message of our wounds nearly always is, 'This is because of you. This is what you deserve.' It changes things to realize that, no, it is because you are glorious that these things happened. It is because you are a major threat to the kingdom of darkness. Because you uniquely carry the glory or God to the world.
"You are hated because of your beauty and power."

Friday, March 24, 2006

Today's Useful Link(s)

Fonts are just like Krispy Kremes and Utz potato chips - one is simply not enough! In my 10+ years as a graphic designer I've learned the value of the right font for the right project and am always on the lookout for something different and unique. Today's useful link is to a few of my favorite sites for downloading free fonts. Yes, you can buy pricey font packages, but most free sites on the web offer more fonts than you can possibly download. Here are a few of my favorites to get you started...

Font Freak
1001 Free Fonts
Search Free Fonts
1001 Fonts

There are quite a few other great sites out there, but these are my favorites. If anyone else has a free site they download font from feel free to post the link in the comments section.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Music of the 80's Quiz

I took this quiz last night and was surprised how many of them I remembered. I actually got a few of the ones the quiz-maker gave a high difficulty points to. When you have a minute to waste, you can take the test here.

Today's Useful Link

I could have used this last night...

How to Fold A Fitted Sheet

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Radiant Article

I am eagerly awaiting my first copy of Radiant Magazine. I've enjoyed the editors blog and the articles on their webpage for a few months now. This article is one of my recent favorites. Since I read it, I've been thinking about the question mentioned in the article "What would you do differently if you weren't afraid of what people thought of you?" I think I'd be more honest in this blog. I've written several posts in the past week and deleted them because I was afraid to post so honestly. I know there's a line between authenticity and too much information and I'm not quite always sure where the line is.

I've been thinking quite a bit lately about some spiritual struggles in my life and I know why they exists and can track them back to specific things in my teenage years that set me up for issues I'm facing now. Yet to elaborate on them in this format might make some of my family uneasy and maybe unhappy with me. So I filter myself and hold back. The problem is that I know this issue is one many women deal with and we need to be more open about discussing the things we struggle with. I just hesitate to be that honest in this format. So if I wasn't worried about what people would think of the honesty, I'd have more to blog about.

How about you? What would you do differently if you weren't afraid of what people would think of you?
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