Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Movie Reviews from 02.11.06

While I was staying warm in doors on Sunday I watched some movies. All three of them were great. I want to start adding mini movie reviews into my blog so I'll start with these three:

1. The Corpse Bride - I liked this movie a lot. I have not seen The Nightmare Before Christmas but I added it to my Netflix list once I saw this one. I like the story and thought it was clever. I also liked it from an artistic view since the world Tim Burton created is very unique. I thought it was funny how the underworld was in color and very lively. It was loud and there was music and laughter and joking. Then in the live world things were grey and quiet. Those who were alive lived drab, boring lives. This movie isn't for everyone but I enjoyed it.

2. The Day After Tomorrow - I loved this movie. I love disaster movies. I like movies where people have to continue on to face overwhelming odds. I am a big fan of movies with this theme. I was hesitant to see this movie because I remember when it came out that people were complaining how it had a very "tree-hugger" agenda and that kinda turned me off. But I was able to tune out the propaganda and enjoyed the story very much. I love Dennis Quaid as well so that was a nice bonus to the movie. It was also interesting to think about how long I could survive on what i had I my house should disaster occurr. I'm thinking not too long. I keep very few extras in my pantry. I don't even really have a pantry to be honest!

3. The Interpreter - This movie was one of the best I've seen on DVD in awhile. It was supsenseful and exciting without being scary or hard to follow. I enjoyed the story and liked the angle of the United Nations setting. Nicole Kidman was great as always and even though Sean Pean isn't a favorite he was good in his role. I like movies that make me think and this one did.

So that's my recent movie-watching. Three new flicks are coming from Netflix this week, yippee!! I love me some Netflix!


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