Thursday, February 23, 2006

Martha vs. The Donald: The Battle of the Over-Inflated Egos

So Martha Stewart and Donald Trump are arguing, huh? I feel like sending in a kindergarten teacher to say, "Okay, boys and girls, play nice."

I guess all the money, power and position in the world won't help a bad attitude and big ego. Honestly, I wish they'd both zip it and move on. The Donald is mad at Martha for suggesting she was supposed to fire him on her show. He says she's lying. I guess we'll never know if she is or not, but it seems kinda odd to me for The Donald to accuse someone else of lying. He's the one running around saying he's had the number one show in America. South America, maybe. He doesn't have the number one show. He might have the number one show in his time slot, although that hasn't happened in awhile. I don't believe The Apprentice has ever been the number one show in America. I doubt it has ever outperformed CSI in it's very own timeslot! Donald Trump is the last person who should accuse anyone of lying as he overinflates things quite a bit himself. "Pot, meet kettle..."

For some reason, I am expecting this whole feud to be a TV movie of the week. If they run out of kidnapped babies, women in jeopardy, or disaster of the week movies, that is. As for me, I'm not planning to watch either show. Not that Martha's is coming back. The Donald is right about one thing, her show was pretty stinky.


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You're so witty...

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