Friday, February 17, 2006

Dishin' It Up!

I had a blast last night at Dish It Up! I was amazed at how easy it was and how much fun it was. And now, I have sixteen meals in my freezer for the next month, ready to go! And they are good meals too, like pot roast, salmon, shrimp scampi, chicken chili, chicken and dumplings, oriental pork chops, and more. I am thinking this might be a monthly trip for us. I'm curious to see how much we spend adding in extras to go along with the meal. If we don't spend too much it will end up being cheaper as well. I think we have a winner! If you want to check it out their website is (I went to the store that is listed as MD-Baltimore. It's in Timonium, near where my mom works. They have other locations that you can see from the website.)


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