Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Captivating Chapter Three

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Chapter Three of Captivating...

"...most women buried their longings for romance long ago and are now living merely to survive, get through the week." p. 44

"And women are tired. We are drained. But it's not from a life of shared adventures. No, the weariness of women comes from a life of shared adventures. No, the weariness of women comes from lives that are crammed with routine, with chores, with hundreds of demands. As Checkov said, 'Any idiot can face a crisis, It's the day to day living that wears you out.' " p. 44/45

"Having forfeited our confidence in God, we believe that in order to have the life we want, we must take matters into our own hands. And we ache with emptiness nothing seems able to fill." p. 48/49

"We are not inviting, we are guarded. Most of our energy is spent trying to hide our true selves, and control our worlds to have some sense of security." p. 50

"...women dominate and control because they fear their vulnerability...That self-protective way of relating to others has nothing to do with real loving, and nothing to do with deeply trusting God. It is our gut-level response to a dangerous world." p. 52

"What we are saying is that far too many women forfeit their femininity in order to feel safe and in control." p. 52

"Controlling women are 'the sort of women,' as C.S. Lewis said, 'who live for others. You can tell the others by their hunted expression.' " p. 53

"All of our hearts are at some level unsatisfied and longing. It is our insatiable need for more that drives us to our God. What we need to see is that all our controlling and our hiding, all our indulging, actually serves to separate us from our hearts. We lose touch with those longings that make us women. And the substitutes never, ever resolve the deeper issue of our souls." p. 58


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