Friday, February 10, 2006

And Now For The Weather...

What I'm Reading The 360 Degree Leader by John Maxwell
What I'm Listening To When God Ran by Across the Sky

Well, it's supposed to snow this weekend. I am not sure how I feel abou it. In a way I'd love to have some snow since we've had very little this winter. On the other hand, I'm going to a scrapbook weekend and I'd hate to have to end it early. I just hope if it snows, it snows enough so that I can stay home a day or two. I hate these snows where it's enough snow to have messy parking lots and roads but not enough for people to cancel things and stay home.

I hope to get a good deal done this weekend on my scrapbooks. I've needed a kick in the pants to get going with it. But I think I finally have everything ready to go. I have printed out over 100 photos, bought 12x12 paper galore, make an outline of what I want to do for my album and have tons of embelishments and alphabets.

I am currently working on three albums. I am doing 12x12 post bound album for Brian and Michelle. I just give them pages as I get them done. I am not going to work on that one this week.

I am working this weekend on my other two albums. One of them is a 12x12 album of ny nephew. The other one is 7x7 album all about me. I made an outline that covers what I want to say. I'm not doing them in any special order. I'm just going to place them randomly in the album. Here's the topics I'm covering.

I Believe… Jesus Loves Me
I Believe… In Prayer
I Believe… God’s Word Meets My Every Need
I Believe… In Living On Purpose

I Cherish… My Favorite Gifts
I Cherish… My Nephew
I Cherish… My Mom
I Cherish… My Grandmother Fair
I Cherish… My Friends
I Cherish… Amy
I Cherish… The Theater
I Cherish… New York City

I Aspire… To Be A Godly Woman
I Aspire… To Be A Published Author
I Aspire… To Flourish

I Feel… Grateful
I Feel… Happy
I Feel… Content

I Am… A Leader
I Am… Strong And Capable
I Am… Single
I Am… A Creative Artist
I Am… A Girl
I Am… A Child Of God
I Am… A Reader
I Am… A Movie Lover

I am eager to get started on this album. I will say that it won't have a huge amount of pictures in it though, more of a scrapbook journal than a photo scrapbook. But I will be fun to do. AND, I plan to do much of the journaling in my own handwriting. I am using stamps and rub-ons for the headings, though.


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