Monday, January 02, 2006

Saying Goodbye to 2005!

I don’t think I’ve been so glad to see a year over than I am right now to say goodbye to 2005. It’s been a hard year. Not that it hasn’t been good in parts, but overall 2005 was the hardest year I’ve had in awhile. It was hard physicall - I was sick four different times, including the flu and bronchial pnuemonia. It was hard emotionally - bullies at work, battling a time of despair and depression. It was hard at work - new bosses, loss of stability, horrendous hours, loss of perks, loss of control, poor decisions of others that cost me dearly, and low morale and hopelessness that permeated the entire building. It was also hard spiritually as I’ve been fighting some battles there as well.

But, it was also a good year, bringing me a new job with some exciting opportunities, several fun trips to New York City that really renewed me and gave me some focus, the best Christmas season I’ve had in many years, and a fun year of adoring my nephew who is really the brightest, most amazing child around. He’s also the cutest, too.

I am very grateful for all that God has done in my life and I can honestly say that even in the middle of the stress at my old job and the unbelievably difficult situations it put me in, I knew God was with me the whole way. I really believed He would work it all out - and of course, He did in ways I would never have imagined.

So I head into 2006 with some energy and purpose and more excitement than I’ve had in a long while. My theme for 2006 is “Finding Balance” and I’m really praying that God works in this for me in 2006. After the insane schedule and craziness of my last few years, I really need to find a balance between career and a personal life, between learning and doing and between ministry and rest. I am committed to taking better care of myself with planned times of rest and renewal. I am also looking to explore the creative artist side of me again and get back to creatively honoring God with my talents and hobbies.

More than ever before I can say I am excited and joyful at all God is doing and am eager to see where he leads. Happy New Year!


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