Thursday, December 01, 2005

A New Day is Dawning...


I have said goodbye to the newspaper industry and am happy to be moving on. Happy really isn’t quite the word. Overjoyed…ecstatic…insanely delerious with happiness…any of those will do.

It’s not often you see things work out better than you could have planned, but things have worked out in immesurably better than I could have hoped. I am so humbled and honored to see how God works when I sit back and let Him have His way. I seem to tire of waiting for Him to move in my life, but every single time I do wait for Him, He proved to me how trustworthy and reliable He is. What an amazing God and what an exciting work He’s doing in my life right now.

So tomorrow I start my new job as the Women’s Ministry / Communcations Director for my church, Littlestown Chapel. I am unbelieveably happy to be able to do this and am so thankful to God for how He worked behind the scenes to make it possible. I have so many dreams and plans for Flourish that I believed God wanted me to pursue, but my time was so limited with working a more-than full time job. I knew in my heart that if God put these dreams and plans in my heart He would find a way to make them come true. I didn’t expect it to work out this way, but am so glad it did.

I think this job will evolve as I go and I am eager to get started. I have a tiny office, originally inteneded to be a coat closet. I plan to make it cozy, though, and can make the best of anything. I jump right into things as the Flourish calender for 2006 needs to be finalized, the December Newsletter finished and the Flourish Cafe is on Friday. There’s lots to be done. Thanks so much to God for giving me the time to do it well!

I hope to blog lots more now that I have a real life again. I’ll be working a more normal schedule and have some down time again for a change. I’ll write more about it in the days to come as I see how things go. Pray for me, though. I’m worried about changing my schedule to a dayshift job. I don’t want to get sick from not sleeping. I hope to write more soon so check back. Frequent updates will start again! Yippee!!


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