Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Shopping

My Christmas Shopping is done! This is the earliest I’ve ever been done. I’m so happy!! Now I just have to wrap packages and back cookies. How fun this holiday season has been without the stress and insane pace of the past few years.

I’m loving my new schedule. I’m not having near the problems getting up in the morning I first anticipated. In fact, I am waking up pretty easily and have even been somewhat cheerful. My only real problem with the schedule is my sleep. I’m still not sleeping very well. I don’t expect that to change until after the holidays, though. Someone suggested taking Tylenol PM, but I hesitate to do that for two reasons - it bothers my asthma AND I don’t want to have to take them to sleep. I’d rather get my body clock straighted out without help. But if it continues into the winter, I’ll mention it to my doctor. Eleven years is a long time to work a night shift job. I just need to be patient. (I’m seriously lacking in that area.)

I have been piling up books to read. I am eager to get to them. My goal is to get to a few library books I keep renewing so that I can get them done and returned before New Year’s. Then I’m going to be working through the books I’ve bought recently and haven’t had time to read. Yippee!! Most of them are nonfiction, but a few are mysteries.

I am excited about blogging more in the future. Once the holidays are done and I’m settling into my new life, I hope to write a bit before bed each night. We’ll see how disciplined I can be with that! ;-)


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