Friday, December 30, 2005

Catching Up

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year! :-)

It’s that holiday time again and I have much to be happy about. I could tell you all about my ipod stereo or my blanket from my nephew, my chocolate fountain or my jewelry, my DVD’s and new books. But that’s not really what’s making me happy. I’ve had such a wonderful month learning to slow the pace down a bit and have a bit of calm in my life for a change. I am starting to think I might just make it…

The amount of stress and constant chaos and disorder I’ve been living under these past years has been almost unexplanable. It’s only now, beginning to come out of it that I’m wondering,”How did I ever exist like this all these years?” I think it wasn’t that bad at first, but got worse by degrees. Or at the very least, so slowly I didn’t realize what was happening.

So now I’m at the place in my life where I’m redefining myself. What do I ant and where am I headed. I’m at a great place right now. I honestly wake up every morning with excitement and joy, wondering what God is up to now. I will be honest and say that there were many times in these last few years I’ve wondered if God was working, if He knew what I was going through. And while I continually told myself that God was working even when I couldn’t see it, I had my moments of doubt. Despair was often my companion, although I tried to make those times pass quickly by focusing on what I knew to be the truth.

I am more excited about this new year than I’ve been for any new year in a long, long time. I plan to make several changes in my schedule and my life that will hopefully help me be even more successful and have more joy and vitality in life. So pray for me as I work through the changes. It’s almost like my life has started anew.


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