Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Welcome, Friends

Welcome to my new blog home. I hope you like it.

My subscription at Xanga was up for renewal in about a month and I’ve been a bit unhappy with a few things about my blog there. So I’ve been shopping around and asking some friends what they thought and I have now found a new home.

Setting up this blog was MUCH easier than my Xanga account and there is less junk along the sides I don’t want, and more features I do want. I plan on adding some things to the sidebar at a later time once I get familier with all the options and settings.

I did take a few moments and drag over my archvies, so all my old posts are there. With this new home for my blog, I have the ability to give my entries categories, so you can look for topics I frequently blog about AND there is a search bar, so you can look something up if you need to.

In addition, I can add cool websites to my sidebar, so I’ll add more as I get to it. I’m too busy right now to do very much with it. I just wanted to get my archives over before I lost them.

Look around, leave me a comment, and check back again for more entries coming soon like my reivew of the first Harry Potter book, my theories on a few TV show mysteries and a few thoughts on some new music.


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