Thursday, April 14, 2005

Crazy Week

Well, I am past the halfway point of one of the most stressfull weeks I’ve had all year at my job - and that’s saying something. Things are running smoothly and will be much better as we settle in to the new process. Tonight was my first night of classified sending direct to plate and it went very smoothly, although it took me a bit longer since it was new to me.

We are one of only twenty-some newspapers in the United States that are printing Direct-to-Plate with a complete PDF workflow. It has been quite a different process, but is turning out to be much better than I imaged it could. Now I just have to get my stuff together for Adtracker coming in less than two months. I’m liable to need some therapy by the time this is all done…

As much as I hate parts of my job and the stress is causes me, God is really using it to teach me some valuable lessons. In fact, I heard something today which gave me a somewhat different perspective on all that’s been going on with my job. While I am still praying that God will provide a job with less hours and less stress I have decided that while I’m there I want to be open to all God can do through these situations. I do believe that everything happens for a reason and if He hasn’t removed me from this job, He wants me there because it’s His plan for my life right now.

This coming Monday will be my Ten Year anniversary at my job. It’s hard to believe that time has moved so quickly. I feel old when I think about it. Ten years is a long time to work the same position in today’s world. Now I’m starting to get enough vacation time and seniority that it’s hard to think about giving all that up sometimes.

I wonder sometimes what I’d like to do if I left me job. The dream jobs I have thought of that I would love to do, but may never come true are:

Apple-Certified Mac Instructor (I love my iMac so much I want to share the joy with the world)

Computer Software Instructor (It’s hands-down my favorite part of my job right now.)

Speaker (to women, motivational and inspirational speaker)

Writer (I’m working on that one, although slowly)

Life Coach (I love the idea of helping people figure out where to go from here and what to do with their lives)

Professional Organizer (This is a hobby from a long way back. I think I deliberately let things get messed up so that I can organize them again.)

Rubber Stamping Teacher (If I could make a living at this, I’d give it a try. I’m not as much into it as I used to be, but that’s more because I have little time for hobbies anymore)

Book Reviewer (or music or movies. I’d love to work at a magazine and write reviews. Imagine getting paid to read books or watch movies -or TV - or listen to CD’s. How cool!)

Many of the above are out of the question. While they sound like fun, I’m not sure how much I’d want to do them day after day after day. But, there’s a few of these that might work well together and who knows what God might have in store?


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