Thursday, March 31, 2005

My Picks for The Apprentice

I’m tired today. Not physically, just mentally and emotionally. Yesterday was a brutal day for me. Long conversations with no answers on two different fronts, an over 12-hour work day, and a hour and a half conference call that took alot of mental energy. I’m feeling weary today. Of course the grey skies don’t help matters very much, either.

In the midst of it all, though, I’m feeling a great deal of joy. I’ve been feeling well for several weeks now, and have seen God answering some prayers and working a few things out in my life. I feel there’s some hope for a few areas that haven’t had much hope in a long time. God is gracious…

I have a great deal going on the next few days. In fact, the next week or so is packed with stuff. Tomorrow I have to print and assemble all the Bible studies for April as well as this week’s Sunday School lesson. On Saturday is the Panel Discussion at the Chapel about the “For Women Only” book and I might be babysitting my nephew. Sunday is church and I have to work from 4-12. Tuesday I’m going to Barista’s in Hanover for coffee with friends. Wednesday is the first Bible study that I’m teaching. Friday is the MDDC Luncheon in Annapolis. (Yes, I won design awards this year! Yippee!!) Saturday I’m going to New York City. So that is a packed schedule. Most of it will be fun though. The working on Sunday is a bummer, but I had to so that I could go to the MDDC thing and not have to work in the evening.

I am having Rainforest Crunch coffee today. It’s good, but I’m getting tired of it. They have it here way too much. Where’s the cocoa caramel??

I am enjoying this season of the Apprentice. My pick for the winner at this time is Kendra. I think she’s the first woman we’ve had who has a shot at it. I also like Tana and Alex, but am not sure they will win. Craig will never make it through the interview process. He seems like a great guy, but doesn’t clearly articulate his thoughts well enough to get through those brutal interviews. Crazy Chris is doomed regardless of how long he hangs out. The tobaccy thing will never fly and I am sure Trump also notices his tendancy to get crazy mad at the drop of a hat. The first time he spoke in the boardroom at the beginning of the season, I about spit my drink out. He was hilarious. I’d never even noticed him yet and here he was angry and yelling at people. He’s way too defensive and “road rage” for the type of position he’s aiming for. Trump doesn’t like Angie and he really wanted to fire her last week. In fact, if Erin hadn’t opened her mouth at the end, I think he might have. So Kendra is my pic with either Alex or Tana also possible choices.


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