Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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God’s timing is impeccable. He always knows when to bring about the next step. My problem is that I don’t like waiting. I’m more of a type-A “I’ll just do it myself” person. That natural instinct gets me in some trouble when it comes to following God’s leading. I tend to try making things happen myself instead of letting God lead the way in HIS time. I’ve been thinking about this a great deal lately. I have several things going on in my life I’d change in a heartbeat if it were up to me. But more and more I learn to let God be the driver. You’d think it would get easier with each new circumstance, but I often feel like I’m learning this lesson over and over. I must not be too bright…

Big stuff is coming for Flourish. God answered a big prayer in a big way this week. I bought something that is going to take us to the next level and I am so excited about it I can hardly sleep! How cool is that?? It will take some planning, it will take some work and it will take some time before we can roll it out but the more I work on it, the more I think about it, the more giddy I get. Whoo-hoo!! Bet you’re wondering what it is, huh???

I had a “series of unfortunate events” yesterday. Nothing bad, really, just stupid things. I managed to keep my sense of humor through it all because it was quite a day of humorous mishaps. First of all, I left my coat in my brother’s closet yesterday when I went home after Easter Dinner. This wasn’t a big deal, I have several coats, but the big deal was that my keys were in it. Luckily, Evan’s nanny was there this morning when I realized it and I could go back and get the keys BUT it was raining torrentially and my umbrella was locked in my car. So I walked back to my Brother’s in the rain and mud to get the keys.

Then later, I get to WaWa’s for some coffee and a tank of gas and I can’t use my Debit card at the pump. It tells me it is unavailable. So I am on empty but I only have about ten dollars on me and I needed a cup of coffee as well. So I get just a few dollars of gas and go inside for my coffee and to pay my bill. I get to the register and she tells me the debit cards are working inside, just not at the pump. So I could have filled up my tank in the first place. Now I have to go back in a few days because ten dollars of gas won’t get you far any more.

I could go on as about three more unfortunate things happened, but I won’t bother. None of these things were especially annoying, just more of a laugh that they all happened on the same day. But work went well and I got out on time which was nice. And tomorrow I don’t have to go in early for a change. I won’t know what to do with myself. I hope to get some work done in my office at as well as finish up my Bible Studies for April. I am down to the wire with those.


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