Friday, March 11, 2005

Finally, An Update!

WOW! God is awesome. He worked something out in my life this week that was causing me no end of stress and pain. In the grand scheme of life I was probably making a mountain out of a molehill, but He understood and interevened in the affairs of men to work His will. How amazing He is! I have seen the words of Psalm 91 leap off the page and come alive this week and I am so grateful and awed to see God work in my circumstances. He’s so great and I’m so small.

There’s been quite a few people writing articles about ABC’s “Lost” and how they are tired of waiting for answers to the shows biggest mysteries. Even Stephen King is getting in on the act, saying in an article on USA Today Online that he was tired of the ongoing stories with no resolution and has about given up on the show. What a whiner! I’m not sure why people want all these answers because then the show would be over. We have only seen about what, fifteen episodes? You can’t hang in there that long? I guess in the world of fast food, instant coffee (please don’t ever drink that stuff, it’s got to be toxic), and microwave popcorn we’ve lost the ability to appreciate the fine art of anticipation. Take a chill, people, and give the writers a chance to tell their story. What else are you watching that’s any better? Cops? (Nothing Close to) Realty TV?

And speaking of quality television programming… I’m sitting in bed typing this entry at 4:00am and guess what show is on TV at this time of the morning? T. J. Hooker. Do you remember this show? I used to love it when I was young, but to be honest, I don’t think I had very good taste in entertainment. I didn’t realize it was running in repeats, which begs the question “WHY?” I guess 4:00am is probably the best hour for it if they have to run it.

It’s snowing. I don’t think we got near the snow they predicted we would. It looks very pretty outside tonight, though. I had quite the slippery drive home from work tonight. I guess the good part was that by the time I leave work there aren’t too many people on the road. We have very little snow out there for as long as it has been snowing. I was hoping we’d get snowed in for a day or two this winter, but so far, most every storm has been a dud. Of course if you watch the news you’d think the two inches of snow on the road was 42 inches the way some of these newscasters carry on about a light dusting. They must have all been born in Miami and are experiencing snow for the first time or something.

Biography is doing a series that’s making me hungry. They are featuring Dave Thomas and Colonial Sanders. I think there’s some other food type people as well, but those are the ones I just happened to see the promo for. That’s the problem with staying up at night and working on stuff after I get home from work. I eat dinner at 8:30 and by 4:00am, I am starved!! I’m off to raid the fridge…


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