Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Nothing Important

“You and me, we’re done.” Wow! Was than an ending or what? I cannot believe I haven’t watched an episode of Gilmore Girls until last fall. I am so hooked on this show. Lorelai and her mother have had spats before, but this one looks to have far more serious ramifications, especially if she loses Luke over the mess Emily caused. Chris is not at all the man for Lorelai and I hope they don’t move in that direction because it’s just one more way to keep her and Luke apart to drag on the storyline. Just when you start to like Emily she turns around and does something so evil, so cold and unfeeling, that you regret that you started to warm to her. I think Kelly Bishop deserves an Emmy for her acting this year. She’s portrayed such a dichotomy of characteristics and made them quite believable.

I have been feeling very lethargic this week. I haven’t kept to my normal daytime schedule this week at all. Instead, I’ve been sleeping in, reading and goofing off. I hate when I get like this because I fell like I’m wasting time. But the last several weeks have been difficult and intense so I am sure that taking it easy this week is actually a good idea. I just wish I could get some motivation and get something done.

I’ve been feeling sorta unsettled lately. Like something is coming but I don’t know what. I also am facing some things that I thought I’d put behind me. At the same time I’m reading that before God moves us into a new level of service and devotion to Him we often have to face times of testing and temptation. So what is going on here? Is God trying to get me ready for something that’s coming? I don’t know. I just don’t like feeling this way.

I gave the book “Walking in Freedom” to my friend Jane to read. She brought it back to me on Sunday and we had a good conversation about relating to God as our Father. Neil Anderson has a great chart in this book about the lies we tell ourselves about who God is and the truth about who He really is. This section is very powerful and is one I need to hear day after day after day. I’ve decided I am going to read through it every single for the next thirty days. I need to be reminded of these things right now. If you haven’t read this book I would recommend you do so. It is very helpful in understanding how to live a life that is free from your past, free from sin and free from bondage. It also addresses our thought patterns and how important it is to remind ourselves of the truth. I think that in our world today we are bombarded with lies all around us. In addition, Satan also feeds us lies that often sound like our own voice in our head. Those lies are even harder to fight and we can begin to feel like we are involved in a losing battle. The only way we can fight it is to continually remind ourselves of the truth. Phillipians 4:8 reminds us of this principle by telling us what we should be thinking on. Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Pepsi is giving away songs on iTunes again. This time 1 in 3 wins!
If you win and you won’t use your free code, I’ll gladly take them.

I ordered some new tunes from BMG. They should be here any day now. I’m impatient, though. I’m also waiting for a big order from Stampin’ Up! I love when I’m expecting fun stuff in the mail. Anticipation…

Finally a new Lost and Alias tonight. I’m betting Clair is no longer pregnant. Just think of the suspense in wondering where the baby is… I just heard that the DVD set for season one of Lost is going to include a great deal of fun extras. It will be out in September.


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