Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Coffee Talk

Ummmm… I love coffee. I’m sitting at the Pour House writing my Sunday School lesson for this week and enjoying a hot cup of caramel coffee. Yum. I know there are those who frown upon drinking coffee, but it’s one of my favorite things in the world. I love the taste, the smell, the caffeine and the warmth. It’s the perfect beverage.

And if you doubt me on that one consider that coffee is considered quite good for you from many sources. According to my research (meaning I read a few articles online) coffee helps asthma, liver disease, and diabetes. It also seems to lesson the risk for diabetes, colon cancer, kidney stones and gallbladder problems. It enhances short term memory and has more antioxidants than red wine, green/black tea, or orange juice. It also helps your mood, making you more alert and aware and is even considered to enhance energy and lesson depression and anxiety. To see my research, go here and here and here and here.

As for me, coffee helps me concentrate, makes me happier, gives me energy and helps me get through my day in a much better frame of mind. I’m just a nicer person because of coffee. The only thing I like more than my cup of coffee is when I have a cup of coffee with a friend. Anyone care for a cup??

Today I’m studying “The Lord is my Rock” for Sunday School. I’m finding this study to be amazingly powerful and quite insightful for me. I think several people on my Christmas List are getting the book I’ve been using for Christmas. (Not my copy, I’ll buy them a new one. ) I am being so encouraged by this book.

And speaking of being encouraged, I’ve just finished reading the latest edition of the Discipleship Journal and there were several articles that we great in there. One of them, by Michael Card, (I think) started out with a quote that reads “You are not the God we would have chosen.” and goes on to talk about how God’s faithfulness doesn’t look like what we think it should. It was a great article and one I think I might need to hang onto. It is so true in my life. I usually expect God to keep His promises in ways I determine and yet He does things in His own time and His own way. My response if often to assume God isn’t hearing me or doesn’t care, but the truth is that God knows so much more than I and as a result will make choices I don’t understand. I just like to think I really do know it all and then God comes along almost daily and reminds me that is seriously not the case. How gracious He is to put up with me.


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