Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Welcome Back, Sidney Bristow!

The best show on television is back and better than I could have imagined! Alias returned to the airwaves tonight and boy howdy, have I missed this show. My thoughts after seeing the two-hour pilot:

I love, loved, loved the new opening. Showing Jennifer Garner dressed up in a million and one disguises is brilliant. It is really one of the highlights of the show and to see them all one right after the other was seriously cool.

Goodbye Rambaldi, I won’t miss you at all. Yes, The Rambaldi mystery was intriguing, but very over-done. We never received enough of a payoff to make it worth our time. I hope it stays on the back burner and while I’m sure we’ll hear more of it again, let’s keep it out of the limelight.

Arvin Sloan is back and is just as creepy as ever. I will enjoy seeing him get into the dynamics of Sydney and Jack again and am looking forward to keeping an eye on him. And what’s up with the water? He’s still drinking from the pitcher. I would love to know if there’s any significance to the water. Do we ever see anyone else drink water at work all day?

Sidney’s mom is dead. I guess. With this show, who knows? I am reserving my tears until I see the body.

I love Marshall. He’s such an adorable nerd and he has such an affection for Sidney and all the gang. You could see how much fun he was having being back in the action.

How long are they going to be able to keep all of this from Weiss? I don’t imagine it will be long. I guess it depends on what his new show for the fall does.

I loved the music. Apparently they are having each episode orchestrated this year. Some of the spy scenes were really well done with the music enhanced the suspense and drama.

I’m intrigued to see Sidney and her sister’s relationship evolve. With Sidney already keeping things from her I think she might just understand her father better in time. He’s done the same thing she’s doing now. Protecting the ones they love with lies is the Bristow way.

I liked the bad guy in this one. He was in Die Another Day and was a pretty cool bad guy in that movie too. I wished she hadn’t killed him.

I noticed Marshall’s reference to Mr. Sark. I am going to miss David Anders in each episode. I understand why his character isn’t necessary in the forefront this season, but he will be missed just the same.

Overall, an excellent episode that should have drawn some newbies in for the ride. It was easy to follow and was action-packed the entire time. I’d love to see some really good ratings for this show. It really needs them or I’m afraid it’s done for.

I have a busy day tomorrow. I have to get ready for a retreat I’m going on this weekend. I’ve been too sick and tired to think about it, but it’s here and now I have to get busy.


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