Friday, January 21, 2005

A Study in Contrasts

I have had a huge problem getting a book I ordered from an online store with the word “Christian” in the name. My experience with them has been horrible and I intend to go without books if they ever become the only book retailer left in the world. They lied to me, they cheated me, and they blamed everybody but themselves for their own error. They even hung up on me when it was clear I wasn’t buying their excuses. I guess she was tired of my questions. It was quite an eye-opening reminder that just because an organization calls themselves “Christian” doesn’t mean they will operate their business with Christ-like principles.

Contrast that with my experience this week with Christian Book Distributors. It couldn’t have been easier. I ordered online, it was shipped the very next day and it arrived one day EARLIER than I was told it would be. How refreshing was that?!! Their shipping prices were very reasonable and the product didn’t sit around in their warehouse for several days until they got around to working on my order. Every time I have ordered from them I have received my product quickly and inexpensively and if there have been issues they have resolved them with great customer service. Their phone reps are always polite and helpful.

So I’ve learned my lesson. A sale price and a coupon doesn’t necessarily mean you will save anything in the long run. So I will avoid the other “Christian” online store and stick with Christian Book Distributors. I encourage you to do the same. (

Now that my commercial for using CBD is over, I’d like to also brag on the customer service rep from my Discover card I talked to today. I won’t go into the mix up but there was a charge on my card I needed explained. When she explained it to me, I thanked her and was ready to hang up when she offered to remove it for me. I was surprised to say the least. I really owed them for this, but since there was some confusion she gladly OFFERED to remove it. How cool was that? She was nice, friendly, and I didn’t have to ask for a thing. She did it all for me. I love when things work out…

Bring on the snow! I am hearing it will be around 12″ in my area. I’m ready. I have lots of goodies, hot chocolate, and I’m on the way to the library before I go to work. I am not one of these who run out for toilet paper and milk. I don’t drink milk and we usually are overstocked in toilet paper. What I want to have on hand is snacks, hot chocolate, whipped cream for the hot chocolate, and books to read. Those are my essentials.


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