Thursday, January 20, 2005


I’m having a great week. I was able to really get my life organized this week, getting caught up on all the things that have gone undone since before Christmas when I got sick. It’s nice to go through piles of things and work through them until your desk is clear. Wow! I love seeing a clean desk and having everything crossed off my list.

Not that there aren’t lots of things yet to do, but I am no longer behind. I am right on schedule.

I’m loving my iPod. I have been listening to tunes all week at work and I have had one my better weeks at work in awhile. I had forgotten how much more joy I have when I listen to good, positive music that encourages and uplifts. Or maybe I’m just trying to convince myself that the money spent was worth it…

Work is getting crazy again. We have a good many jobs coming through as well as a few projects that are taking up time. We are getting new software, as well as our OSX upgrade so we are renaming and adding extensions to our art and logos. It is a daunting project, one that gives me panic attacks if I think about it too long. So I’m trying to remind myself to focus on what has to get done today and not worry about all that has to get done by March. I’m such a planner, that’s it hard not to look ahead.

We’re supposed to get some snow this weekend. I’m not sure whether I hope it comes or not. I like snow as long as I can stay home, watch movies, catch up on my reading, sip hot chocolate and stay in my jammies all day. It’s having to go out in it that I mind.

Of course if it’s enough snow, I don’t have to go out this weekend which would be great. As I said I’m already a planner. So if we get the 8-12 inches they were first calling for on Saturday and Sunday I’ve already planned out how I’d spend them. I would spend one day getting ahead on some of my Flourish writing and Sunday School classes. I would also do some work on that day around my house, cleaning out a closet or two and straightening up my office.

The second day I would spend in my overstuffed chair with coffee and biscotti and read, read, read. I have a good many books I’m dying to read but haven’t had the time. I have been unable to read much at all since before Thanksgiving so it would be fun to have a read-all-day marathon. The problem would be though, which book to start with. Maybe I’ll list them tomorrow and we can take a vote!

I have to get to work soon to do some training with someone on day shift. Then I have a meeting about the next software I’m training people to use in the coming months. I think I need to stop typing ads and start training. I could move on to other departments and train them on their software. Not that I know how to use it, but give me a manual and I’ll learn it in a day or two. I’ve considered software training as my next career. Or maybe I’ll get Apple certified. I’m in love with OSX so I think that would be fun to teach.

So now I’m off to study my book for Sunday School. I’m really enjoying learning the Hebrew names of God. I think it’s interesting how they had a name for God for whatever their situation. Today I’m studying Yahweh for this week’s lesson. So I’m off to learn…


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