Monday, December 27, 2004

2004: The Year in Television

I’m sick. I started feeling poorly on Christmas Day and was feeling horrible by Sunday. The doctor says I have pneumonia and I am to stay in for the next five or six days. To be honest the rest will be nice after the last few weeks of constant busyness and I can just lay in bed and play on my laptop. I have already played Bejewelled 2, Bespelled, and Lingo for several hours while lying in bed. I’m sure I’ll be bored by tomorrow afternoon!

Favorite TV Shows of 2004

I am not an avid TV viewer as far as network shows go. I work evenings so it’s hard to keep up with weeknight television. But this summer I got TIVO for my Direct TV and as a result have been able to catch a few shows this fall season. My top four shows for 2004 are:

ALIAS - I love this show. Even when it’s bad (as much of season three was) it’s better than most other television out there. I want to be Sidney Bristow when I grow up. I love how she’s so tough and yet able to be vulnerable to those she cares about. I cannot wait for the beginning of season four next week. I am looking forward to seeing it return to the glory of season one and two.

LOST - Hands down, the best show of the fall season. It is a fascinating study of people and how they react when life thrown them a curve. I love Locke because he seems to thrive on difficulty and Hurley because he’s funny and looks out for everyone in unusual ways, like coordinating supplies at the beginning, logging the survivors and setting up a golf game. I also like Sawyer because he seems to be such an unredeemable character that is sure to grow and change over the course of time. I can’t wait to see what they do with his character.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES - Granted, this show probably has no redeeming value other than entertainment, but it’s funny and seems to fill the void that’s been missing from television for years. A drama with humor and fun and people you care about. Bree fascinates me and reminds me of my mother in how tough and loving she is with her children. I love a good mystery as well, and this show has been developing the “big mystery” in a great way that hasn’t drug it out or overpowered the rest of the story.

AMERICAN DREAMS - I adore this show. It is so easy to care about all these people as they seem real and well fleshed out. It really is one of the best family dramas on TV and easily one of the most emotional ones this year. In fact, I cried through most of the holiday episode with J.J. coming home for Vietnam. That was a great episode. I even thought the Ford Sponsorship was well done and not intrusive at all in the story. This show hasn’t caught on with a huge number of viewers and I’m not sure why. It’s a fascinating story and one that continues to deliver week after week.

I also watch CSI, CSI Miami, Las Vegas, Joey and the Apprentice, but none of them are shows I can’t miss. If I have a busy weekend and don’t get to watch them I usually delete them from the TIVO and don’t mind missing them. Joey has been a disappointment so far for me, but I’m going to give it the rest of this year before I give up on it.

Well, I’m off to get some sleep. I will blog tomorrow about my favorite books of 2004.


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