Wednesday, December 22, 2004

2004: The Year in Movies

In 2004 I saw the following Movies in the Theater:

The Passion of the Christ
13 Going on 30
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

That’s it! Three movies. I’m amazed that I could go all year and only see three movies. Granted it’s been a wild year, with the premature birth of my nephew, my grandfather’s death, and my suddenly overloaded work schedule. All in all, it wasn’t a prolific movie year, yet two of the movies I did get to were two of my favorites of all time.

13 Going on 30 was a cute movie for what it was. I am a fan of Jennifer Garner (two weeks till the Alias premier!) and so I went to support her movie. I expected a light-hearted movie and it was surprisingly entertaining, in a generic sort of way. I didn’t buy the movie on DVD, but I might when it goes down in price.

The Passion of the Christ was one of the better movies I’ve seen in my lifetime. From an artistic point of view it was amazing. The opening scene brought about a feeling of impending doom from the first moments of the movie and that beginning scene with Satan and the serpent getting his head crushed was quite well done. I remembered the Bible verse right away from Genesis where it said Satan would bruise his heal but Christ would crush Satan’s head.

I also liked the beauty of the imagery throughout the movie. Watching Mary as she remembered Jesus as a child, watching Mary and Mary Magdalene wash up the blood with the white cloths, and Pilate’s questioning of truth were all favorite parts. It’s hard to pick one scene that stands out, but if I was forced to choose it would be the one where Mary cleaned up the blood after Jesus was beaten. It was so horribly beautiful that I’ve never forgotten it.

It was a hard movie to watch, and even now, many months later I am hard pressed to write my true feelings from the movie. Watching it and realizing that Christ would go through all of that for my sin was humbling and made me feel small and unworthy. I can’t imagine going through that for anyone. One day I hope to be able to adequately explain the way that movie made me feel about Christ and my relationship with Him.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was an entertaining movie that exceeded my expectations. I had only just shortly finished the book before I saw the movie so the events were fresh in my mind. There were so many good things cut out of book three when the movie was made. But the movie was well done, and fun to watch. It was darker in tone than the others but it was necessary to show how much darker their world is becoming as “you-know-who” grows in power and influence. I am eagerly anticipating Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but have about another year to wait.

I am planning on seeing one more movie this year. I already have tickets to see the Phantom of the Opera on Christmas Eve afternoon. I have been waiting for this movie to come out for years and am so glad to get to the theater to see it the week it releases.

While 4 movies this year is a really sad number, I can say there really wasn’t too many I wanted to see that I didn’t get to. I was trying to get to Hidalgo, the Bourne Supremacy, Shrek 2, and Spiderman 2. I bought Shrek 2 and Hidalgo on DVD and enjoyed both of them. I spent a decent amount of cash on DVD’s this year including Season One of Monk.

I’ll plan on wrapping up my 2004 reviews in the next few days. I am looking forward to blogging next year and keeping better track of what I’m watching, reading and listening to. I’ll try to get to music tomorrow.


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