Sunday, January 25, 2004

Happy Christmas!

My Christmas has been wonderful so far. In fact, this is one of the better Christmas Eve’s and Christmas Day’s I’ve had in quite a few years. I went with my mother to The Avenue in White Marsh on Christmas Eve. We didn’t have shopping to do, we just wanted to be out in the hustle of last minute shoppers. We had coffee at Barnes and Noble and browsed through the shelves for awhile. I didn’t buy a book, which was quite unusual. But I’d just bought two the day before so I felt it best to restrain myself.

Then we went to the Movies and saw “The Phantom of the Opera.” Beautiful sets, costumes and music. It really was a visual feast. I especially enjoyed the costumes. I plan on buying the CD as it was much easier to understand the words to the music than the Original Broadway Cast album I already own. I will write my “official” review in January when I see it again.

Today we opened gifts in the morning and then we had a huge breakfast of eggs, sausage, fried potatoes, pecan waffles and Ricky Skaggs pancakes. Of course, we had our traditional Dickens Toffee Coffee after we cleaned up from breakfast, and took out the trash from the unwrapping frenzy.

My mom bought we a laptop which was quite extravagant and completely unexpected. I never imagined anyone would buy me laptop and was hoping to buy one with my tax return in a year or two. This will be such a help with my ministry at church as well as helping me save time and effort. I am still a bit in shock that I have a laptop!

My mom really is the best. She is such a wonderful example of how life’s circumstances can make someone so soft and caring. She has been through so much in life and yet she has emerged so strong and loving. It is a wonderful example to my brother and I to see her persevere with so much grace and humility.

My brother called today to wish us a Merry Christmas. He’s in Michigan this week with his wife’s family. I was very disappointed to find out they were taking my nephew away for Christmas. I was looking forward to having our first Christmas together. But I’m assured next year will be more fun anyway as he’ll be more into the gifts and packages. They will be home next week and we’ll have our Christmas together on New Year’s Eve.

I bought my mom the extended edition of the Return of the Kings. Of course, we had to watch it today and the movie was just as good as I remembered. Out of many, many good scenes, I love watching the scene at the end when they are ready to fight the final battle. Aragorn makes a rousing speech to the troops where he admits that some day they might fail, someday the race of men might fall, but today is not that day. I really wish I’d remember that scene when I am tempted to sin. So many times Satan tempts me to sin, and I am discouraged by the thought that I can’t possibly live a life free of sin, I’m going to sin sometime so it might as well be now. If only I can remember to say, “Yes, one day I might sin and do something that displeases my Savior, but today is not that day.” Of course, there are so many spiritual applications in those movies, but that one really stood out to me today.


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